Emergency Bridge

This project started in 2005 and has been continuously developed. In case of natural or human disasters the EMCBridge provides first aid to geographical regions that are in need of supply or simply reconnects locations by providing the Infrastructure. Key requirements have been cantilever erection from one side, erectable by one technician with a handful of unlearned local people and without use of additional machines.
The proposed pedestrian bridge spans 60m and is capable of carrying the imposed life load of the biggest known pack animals: elephants. The folded package fits exactly into the outer dimension of a 40´ standard shipping container. By doing that it utilizes a global existing transport system to be delivered in time to the right place providing infrastructure and help for those who are in need.

Folding process
Arrived at its destination the folded truss beam is assembled on landside providing sufficient working space. Folded and linked tetraeders are simply slide out by hand and put together by inserting a sectionized upper cord. With water tanks as counterweight the beam is turned over the actual barrier on an integrated turntable. After that an additional suspension is brought in increasing the structural height of the construction. Last step of the erection process is the assembly of the floor plates and the balustrade which consists out of a simple but light weight nylon mesh.

With fast response the bridge will reconnect communities and supply chains bringing help to those who are in need.

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