UCL Robotic Foaming at Smart geometry

Dirk is part of  the Robotic FOAMing research cluster. The cluster at Smartgeometry 2013explored robotics as a design interface for a non-linear fabrication process, operating in a new way between traditional representation, digital modeling and fabrication. Base was a PU-foam mixture which was drawn and formed by three ABB 165 robots. Tool paths where generated through grasshopper with HAL. The foam prototypes displayed the great potential for the new forming process which utilises the self-organisational behavior of PU foam.

Material self-organisation and tectonic formation analysed during the process proves potential for the design of highly efficient structures which utilise material characteristics in an ideal way.

3 x ABB IRB2600_165 Robots,
20 kg payload each
Robot controller:
IRC5, Robotware 5.14, Multimove Setup
Special Equipment:
Custom End Effectors
Rhinoceros 5 
Grasshopper Build 0.9.0014
HAL 0.04.5
ABB Robotstudio

Cluster Leader: Univ.-Prof. Marjan Colletti, PhD

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