Negotiating Design and Making

Through the introduction of advanced digital tools such as sophisticated information modeling and robotic fabrication methods into the workflow, designers gain increased control over final fabrication of components and interface definition of the assembly. 

The paper discusses the investigations and findings throughout integration of digital tools into the project ‘The Leadenhall Building’, a 51-storey office building by Rogers Stirk Harbour+ Partners with Arup as engineers. It discusses in particular the implementation of digital tools throughout the advanced design work flow and the digital fabrication of the megaframe: the highly customized main stability system. The paper concludes with observations on downstream aspects such as the way in which advanced CAD-CAM, including robotic milling, plays a key role in digital design and fabrication.

Paper, Presentation and Article: 'The Leadenhall Building-Digital workflow and downstream fabrication system performance'
Krolikowski, D. , Eley, D. (ARUP)

'Negotiating Design and Making'
Edited by Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler & Silke Langenberg, Published by gta Verlag.

In der Publikation werden aktuelle Arbeiten und herausragende Projekte im Bereich der digitalen Fabrikation vorgestellt und durch Gespräche unter Wissenschaftlern aus Forschung und Praxis ergänzt. Das Buch begleitet die FABRICATE Konferenz, die im Februar 2014 an der ETH in Zürich durchgeführt wird.


2014. 24.5 x 24.5 cm, hardcover
316 pages, 366 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-331-2

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