Sagrada Familia - Best Practice Exchange

RSHP/ARUP and the Sagrada Familia Team have initiated a 'Best Practice' knowledge exchange including lectures and site visits in London and Barcelona.

The exchange was initiated in the context of Sagrada's latest endeavours, the design and construction of the Jesus Christ Spire, the highest of all spires with a height of approx. 170m.
The exchange included sharing information on digital processes involved and the collaboration of architect and engineer. Furthermore the benefit of Digital Prototyping for a high degree of prefabrication was discussed and the approaches taken by both teams for fabrication and assembly assessed on Sagrada's off-site prefabrication plant.

Talks Barcelona, 07.05.2014 15:00h,  Sagrada Familia, Entrance Chapel

Tristram Carfrae, Chairman ARUP

'Digital Processes and Fabrication of complex systems'

Dirk Krolikowski, RSHP
Damian Eley, ARUP
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