Awards and Competitions

2. Prize Bridge Invalidenfriedhof, Berlin
International invited competition 2014, Berlin, Germany
DKFS Architects I Structural consultant: Werner Sobek Stuttgart

1. Prize Bridge Oberbank, Linz
International invited competition 2014, Linz, Austria
DKFS Architects I Structural consultant: JWA, London

1. Prize New Museum Bridge and Plaza
International competition 2012
2012, Luedenscheid, Germany
DKFS Architects I Consultants:  JWA / Werner Sobek Stuttgart/Speirs+Maiors

'EUROPE 40 under 40'
40 under 40  Europe's emerging young architects
D. Krolikowski I F. Schmitt
Awarded by The European Center of Architecture and the Chicago Athenaeum Europe 40 Under 40® is an annual awards program that celebrates the next new talented generation of architects.

1. Prize Wienfluss Bridge
International invited competition 2010, Vienna, Austria
DKFS Architects I Structural consultant: JWA, London

1. Prize River Douglas Bridge
1. Prize, International open competition 2009
DKFS Architects I Structural consultant: ARUP, London

Be Award  'Digital Technology'
RSHP Leadenhall Team Award. D.Krolikowski & W. Thorne.

The Be Awards annual competition brings together professionals and members of the academic community to advance innovation in the design and delivery as well as to promote outstanding work of architects and engineers. The winning project is selected by a jury of independent experts. The jury members adhere to the highest standards in determining which of the projects exemplify innovation, superior vision, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and productivity.

Award of the German Steel Industry, 2006
[Deutscher Stahlbau Förderpreis, 2. Preis]

Euregional Architecture Prize 2005
The EAP Prize is awarded to the best graduation project of the four participating euregional architecture schools and is selected by an international jury.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Prize 2006

The Friedrich-Wilhelm-Award goes back to the Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm, also known as the 99-day Emperor Friedrich III. In 1858, when he re-entered Prussia at the border train station in Herbesthal just after his marriage to Princess Victoria in London, Aachen's citizens presented him with a donation of 5.000 Talers intended for the foundation of a polytechnic school. The money later formed the basis for the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Foundation, which has supported science and students of the Aachen University for decades.

2007 Award of the Foundation of German Architects
[Stiftung Deutscher Architekten] Recognition [Anerkennung]

Award of the Association of German Master Builders 2007
[Bund Deutscher Baumeister] Recogintion [Anerkennung]
Every two years the Federation of German Master Builders - architects and engineers- award the BDB  prize for graduates. 

ARCH+ Preis  2005

In total, 556 graduates have participated and submitted their work. The extraordinarily large response and the entries from all over the world show that the ARCH + price is become the most popular international award for graduates.

Springorum Medal 2005 

Awarded by the Society of Friends of RWTH Aachen University. Councilor of Commerce Dr.-Ing. E. h. Friedrich Springorum, Dortmund, was co-founder of the Society of Friends of RWTH Aachen University and presided as its chairman from the day of the Society's foundation on August 3rd 1918 until 1925. As an expression of gratitude for his successful work for the Society and the University, of which he was one of the oldest students, the general comity of the Society decided to donate the Springorum commemorative medal on August 8th 1925. 
Only at the request of the faculties of the RWTH Aachen University the commemorative medal, created by Professor Bagdon, is awarded to students, who have their diploma awarded with distinction.

Scholarship University of Washington, USA
Awarded by the University of Washington

DAAD Individual Scholarship, Germany [German academic exchange programme]

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